Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Real Superman

I'm a little worried that Aiden truly believes that he is Clark Kent and he can turn into Superman and save the world. We had Pop's 80th birthday party today and he would only go if he could go dressed as Clark Kent. It is so funny--He is very dramatic as he sings the superman theme song and throws off the glasses and tears open his shirt. What am I going to do with my Aiden??????


Kim C said...

LOL that is to funny. At least he wants to be a good guy!!

Ashley said...

I LOVE THE BEGINNING PICTURE WITH THE GLASSES.. i think david miller might have a little to do with this :)... i love this nat!

kyla sturgeon said...

I say let the kid be a kid... i am a twenty year old girl and sometimes i wish i could get away with dressing up as Superman or another hero.

I would say i am almost jealous! ;)

Cute kid though! :)